First Aid

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Course Features

  • Causes of Unconsciousness
  • Asthma – Including the use of Inhalers
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Anaphylaxis – Including Administrating Auto-Injectors
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Shock
  • First Aid Kits
  • Rules & Regulations


  • Generally, the course seemed very thorough and comprehensive. The videos covering what we did on the practical day really helped reinforce that learning. I was disappointed that we were never shown how to detect a pulse in a casualty, so I'm left unsure how to evaluate the circulation part of the ABC. Some of the questions in the test seemed ambiguous and maybe could use clarification - for example the answer for maximum number of bandages you should use depends - it is two if you meant at one time, but as the training tells you to replace these if blood comes through both of them, the maximum altogether can be more than two. My hearing isn't brilliant, but the videos seemed very quiet to me. Even in a silent room at full volume on my laptop, I sometimes had to go back as I'd missed what was said. My first time through, a lot of the 'Next' links stayed greyed out after the video had finished, so I had to return to the course outline screen to launch the next one, which irked. Showing titles and timings for the modules on the course outline screen would be very helpful. It is a bit of a long course to do in one sitting, so seeing which modules went together and the lengths of the videos would make it much easier for the user to plan how to work through the course in multiple sessions.
    Andrew Clarke
  • Very informative and really enjoyed and understood the video clips.
    Rupinder Dhinjan
  • Very informative, particularly the real time demonstrations.However, I did find the length of the course quite daunting an some sections were too repetitive.
    Ismat Vallence
  • Chris is a great teacher who is easy to listen to and explains things very clearly. Some of the photos were too gory for my liking. Questions were few for such a vast subject. It would have been useful to be told which answers were incorrect and why.
    Christine Smith

Emergency First Aid at Work for Schools - Blended Learning


This course is suitable for all school staff, the course content is HSE, DFE and Ofsted compliant.

This eLearning programme supplements a half day face to face course, both parts must be completed before certification is issued. 

Ideally the face to face learning should be completed before the eLearning – this allows the tutor to brief the candidates on what is expected of them during this phase.

We strongly recommend that the whole training package is completed within 3 weeks. Once completed the certificate is valid for 3 years.

Your trained team will have FREE access to our online refresher course - recommended annually by the HSE.

Course Breakdown

  • Emergency First Aid at Work for Schools - Blended Learning - Content
  • EFAW for Schools Part 1
  • EFAW for Schools Part 2
  • EFAW for Schools Part 3
  • EFAW for Schools Part 4
  • EFAW for Schools Part 5
  • EFAW for Schools Part 6
  • EFAW for Schools Part 7
  • EFAW for Schools Part 8
  • EFAW for Schools Part 9
  • EFAW for Schools Part 10
  • EFAW for Schools Part 11
  • EFAW for Schools Part 12
  • EFAW for Schools Part 13
  • EFAW for Schools Part 14
  • EFAW for Schools Part 15
  • EFAW for Schools Part 16
  • EFAW for Schools Part 17
  • EFAW for Schools Part 18
  • EFAW for Schools Part 19
  • EFAW for Schools Part 20
  • EFAW for Schools Part 21
  • EFAW for Schools Part 22
  • EFAW for Schools Part 23
  • COVID CPR Adaptations
Emergency First Aid at Work for Schools - Blended Learning - Examination

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